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[help-GIFT] uml model, code documentation, website

From: Tuurlijk
Subject: [help-GIFT] uml model, code documentation, website
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 17:02:03 +0200

Dear list,

I see a lot of questions on the help-gift list, some of them are pretty high level. I think that this project may benefit from the aggregation of the responses to these questions in a faq on the website (maybe even a self generating wikimedia-faq). I would love to see more usefull and complete information on I am missing the look and feel of a project website where the latest stable version is presented near the top for example. On the gift site it also says that Florian Annen created an UML model of the GIFT, but it is not accessible through the webpage? And what about putting up the missing feature list instead of just stating that there is one? What about starting to ducument the code and generating doxygen output from cvs every night?
Here's an example doxygen output: html/hierarchy.html

Are there realy zero bugs? Savannah says so? Why isn't the use of the bug system stimulated?

I still have some GB of bandwidth available, some freetime, so I am willing to build and/or host something new or extend the existing.

Does anybody else have any ideas or suggestions?


Michiel Roos

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