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Re: [help-GIFT] Re: Features Extraction

From: Epa Uwimana
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] Re: Features Extraction
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 06:20:56 -0400

Dr. Muller,

I found out what my problem was. Thanks to Tobias!!
I was running GIFT on 64-bit computer but perl was compiled for a 32-
bit computer.
My Script was and is working just in case somebody wants to use it in 


Epa Uwimana

---- Message from Wolfgang Mueller <address@hidden> at 2007-03-09 11:34:08 ------
Dear Epa,

It depends a lot on what sizes you have. This perl is 32-bit centric.

If you want to be sure to read the same features as GIFT does, look at
gift-generate-inverted-files and see what it uses to read the .fts
files. I am currently not in a position to do this by myself. If
problems persist, please kick me again end of next week or beginning of
the week after.


On Fri, 09 Mar 2007, Epa wrote:

> Hey,
> I read GIFT literature and I have an idea of what GIFT does and what 
I can 
> expect from GIFT. Using Perl script, I am trying to unpack the .fts 
files so I 
> can see featureID and their frequencies. I used the script from Dr. 
> with small modification so I can sort features in ascending order 
but I am 
> wary of accepting the result.
> Here is my my script:
>        open (FILE,shift)|| die "can't open the file $file";
>        %features= ();
>        read (FILE,$lString,4) || die ("Cannot read the file $file");
>          while (read FILE,$lString,8|| die ("Cannot read the file 
>          my ($FeatureID,$Frequency)=unpack("If",$lString);
>                if ($Frequency>0){
>                $features{"$FeatureID"}=$Frequency;
>                                 }
>          }
>         foreach $key (sort{$a<=>$b} keys %features){
>               print "$key:$features{$key}";}
> My output seems to have some big numbers both in FeatureID and 
Frequencies and 
> I am wondering if this is accurate or something went wrong during 
> extraction.
> Here is an example of some of the features form one .fts file:
> 0:3.48554469996741e+28
> 1006665857:1.22526735123633e-40
> 4181688320:2.15799963506022e-43
> 4215242752:1.82168800362226e-43
> I would appreciate some help or advice on how to convert the .fts 
into a more 
> user friendly because I am questioning these bif numbers in my 
> Thank you very much
> Epa Uwimana

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