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[help-GIFT] Problems indexing a collection

From: Mercedes Perez Bermudez
Subject: [help-GIFT] Problems indexing a collection
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 22:08:40 +0200

I  have a problem with GIFT, I do not try to bother to anybody.

I have Fedora Core 6, gift... I think taht is version 0.0.15b.

The directory of instalation of gift is "/home/mercedes/softwareGIFT/gift".

The instalation was correct, but whne I try index a collection wirh
" /home/mercedes/images" I have this error:

PROGRESS: 8 of 8 done (90%)
/usr/local/bin/gift-generate-inverted-file: error while loading shared
libraries: /usr/local/lib/ cannot restore
segment prot after reloc: Permission denied


Copying /home/mercedes/softwarePFC/gift/gift-config.mrml to

Can't locate object method "getAttribute" via package "XML::DOM::Attr"
at /usr/local/bin/ line 846, <LOCALELIST> line
----> collection-id c-19-36-20-26-2-107-1-84-0  <address@hidden ~]$

And I do not  know why.

I´m sorry because my english is horrible.

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