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[help-GIFT] Some research help GIFT

From: Ajay Chakravarthy
Subject: [help-GIFT] Some research help GIFT
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 16:20:11 +0100


I have NO problems with installing , indexing image collections , searching with GIFT whatsoever, however here is my problem

I work on ways to automate image annotation by reusing knowledge across media.

E.G. The system would use text surrounding the image in a HTML page and use this contextual information to tag the image with keywords (This is already done) , now what i need todo is , take this random image and query for other images in the collection which are similar using GIFT and autotag all of them with the same set of keywords.

So to sum it up i need to query for a random image which has not been indexed in the collection, is there any possible way todo it currently , or does anyone know how todo it , any hints in this direction would be of great help.

Ajay Chakravarthy

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