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[help-GIFT] [help-gfit]About the number of the features

From: Mingchung Liu
Subject: [help-GIFT] [help-gfit]About the number of the features
Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 20:03:25 +0800

In some article, you said that , The occurence of a given colour in a particular block is treated as a binary feature. For 256*256 images there are thus 56440 possible color block features.

But in your code(see below) ,you never treated it that way .
You just calculate 340 block features, of which each block has only one.

Am I right? If I am wrong ,please tell he where did you add them into the array named  featrue[feature_index]?

  /***** count the features *****/

    /* we know that there will be a mode color for each block */
    num_features = num_total_colour_blocks;

    /* and there will be one for each non-zero histogram entry. Convert
    histogram entries to range [0, FREQ_MAX] while we're at it */
    for (i = 0; i < colmap_size; i++) {
        col_histogram[i] = (int)(rint(FREQ_MAX*(double)col_histogram[i]/(double)(square(image_size))));
        if (col_histogram[i] != 0)

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