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Re: [help-GIFT] php or perl interface code

From: Henning Müller
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] php or perl interface code
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 08:35:20 +0100
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there is also a command line perl interface in the scripts directory of GIFT that can easily be included into your own scripts.

Cheers, Henning

Huseyin Akcayurek a écrit :
First of all, I would like to thank the GIFT programmers for providing such a useful tool. I have installed GIFT to my ubuntu machine. There were some problems in the official package (forget what it was) so I installed the latest alpha release (0.1.15e) after fighting some small problems. I have my server working as I tested it with kmrml.

I would like to use it over a webserver and I couldn't locate any source code. MRML clients on the project page directly goes to the demo pages. Are there any php/perl client code available?

Thanks a lot.

H. Akcayurek


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