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[help-GIFT] detailed problems......

From: higo ic
Subject: [help-GIFT] detailed problems......
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 16:36:49 +0800

Hi! Everybody
  I need  your help
  I had some problems and i will show the details..
  Linux version
  2.4.20-8smp (address@hidden) (gcc version 3.2.2 20030222 (Red Hat Linux 3.2.2-5))
  Gift version 0.0.15b
  And i use the SSH shell client to manipulate the linux server on a windows PC.
  Here is my problems:
  1)gift-add-collection problems location: /usr/local/bin
    i put a .gift-add-collection in /root
    when i use this script --collection-name "mmm"  to index a collection(4 images) first time,it works PROGRESS 100%
    the entire output please see attachment: 1.output.txt
    I open charmer and it works too
    Next i add a image to the collention(now 5 image,i mean a collection is a folder) and use the script
    Console put a error:
    PROGRESS: 99%
    Copying /var/www/Charmer-0.2b/gift/gift-config.mrml to /var/www/Charmer-0.2b/gift/gift-config.mrml-old
    XML::DOM::Attr=ARRAY(0x895021c)----> collection-id c-28-45-5-6-3-109-1-95-0  <----
    the entire output please see attachment: 2.output.txt
    This time i only find a image in the charmer and the url2fts.xml, i guess you know which the image is
    So how to add images too a indexed collection and index it agian without errors. lt is useful
     when i want to add more images to the target collection

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