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[help-GIFT] the algorithm config

From: higo ic
Subject: [help-GIFT] the algorithm config
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 20:06:11 +0800

   i want to query images only color,and i modify the config.mrml
    cut the texture-h texture-b and  now this is the color only query algorithm
  but when i want texture only,i have to cut the color
  So i made two algorithms for color and texture seperately, named "algorithm-color" "algorithm-texture"
 update the config.mrml
 But the server didn't find these not existing algorithms,and of cource they are not in the gift
 My question is
 1    when i want to color or  texture,how do i modify the congifuration file just one time , there is only a algorithm which gift can read
2       And the sub4 seems to return the score not exceeds 0.25 , the other 3can make the 0.9+

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