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[help-GIFT] Re: Asking about MRML

From: Henning Müller
Subject: [help-GIFT] Re: Asking about MRML
Date: Fri, 01 May 2009 09:44:14 +0200
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Dear Chao,

I cc: this mail to the gift mailing list as other people might be interested in this posting and particularly Wolfgang might be able to respond.

I agree that it would be good to have the MRML part separated so it can be used in an easier way for other tools.

Cheers, Henning

Chao Jin a écrit :
Hi Henning,
   First thanks a lot to your great work of GIFT.
I've tried to read the source code of GIFT, and got confused about some problems. In the source package of gift-0.1.15e, there is a directory named MRML, which is the communication protocol I know. My problem is that why there are also some "libGIFT" materials included in the MRML files (e.g., in the, there is a statement: #include "libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAFInvertedFile.h" )? I've read some of your papers about MRML and in my opinion, MRML should be separated from the server (GIFT) and client, and can be independently compiled. 2009-05-01
Chao Jin

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