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[help-GIFT] some questions

From: zhigao pu
Subject: [help-GIFT] some questions
Date: Wed, 11 May 2011 09:55:36 +0000

Hi all,

    I am new to GIFT.  I am thinking about using GIFT to build a visual search engine for my commercial shopping web site.  I would like to ask the following questions:

1.  Since GIFT is covered by GNU public license.  Using it to provide visual search for my commercial web site is allowable and do not need to pay any royalty fees. Is this correct?

2.  My visual search is mainly on fashion products like clothes, shoes, bags etc.  Is GIFT a good candidate for doing this kind of visual search?  What's the recognition rate level for this kind of search?

3.  My site is built using PHP + mysql.  Is that possible to integrate GIFT with PHP?  How to do it?  any documentations?

4. Is there any limitations for the size of the indexes of the images?  or say, can i make GIFT to be scalable?

Thanks a lot 


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