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[help-GIFT] GNU CBIR Question

From: Chris Picken
Subject: [help-GIFT] GNU CBIR Question
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2011 21:15:49 -0700


I'm attempting to learn more about the GNU CBIR software. Is there a pdf document that you can reference that might help me? I would like to know if the CBIR has an interface that can run on a window os. I'm currently using win 7 I(64 bit) and I have downloaded the gift-0.1.15.tar.gz version. I guess I don't really understand if the GIFT is a "stand alone" product or if it has to run on an Internet server of some kind? Is there something that I need in order to install this in win 7? I guess what I am looking for is more technical information about how to set up the GIFT CBIR. I would also like to test this GNU software and see what kind of results it comes up with.

Thank you for your help


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