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[help-GIFT] how to start gift

From: ahai
Subject: [help-GIFT] how to start gift
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 15:08:30 +0800
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    Hello!This is my first time to use gift.I have done as following steps which is written in READE.Debian:
         * mkdir gift-data
         * cd gift-data
         * cp /usr/share/libmrml1/gift-config.mrml .
         * export GIFT_HOME=`pwd`
         * /path/to/your/huge/collection/of/images
         * gift & # and hope it runs
         * gunzip < /usr/share/doc/gnuift/examples/Client.php.gz > \
         * access the url with a browser and enter the host where gift is
    When I finished it.I got a webpage .

    But when I clicked the button.It returned nothing.What's wrong with it?How can I get it start?
    I am using "ubuntu 12.04".Thank you! :-)

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