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Re: Using global with different directories

From: Julien Gilles
Subject: Re: Using global with different directories
Date: 06 Dec 2000 19:10:24 +0100
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Shigio Yamaguchi <address@hidden> writes:

> > I have the following state :
> > 
> > /usr/local/XXX/ : no write access, some code (in fact only .h files)
> > 
> > /home/gilles/YYY/ : read/write access, .cc & .h files.
> > 
> > I want to use global to search in both directories, of course.
> > 
> > I see in the infos pages the GTAGSROOT, GTAGSDBPATH and GTAGSLIBPATH
> > variables, but can't figure out how to mix them together to make it works.
> How about doing like this?
> % cd /home/gilles/YYY
> % cp -r /usr/local/XXX .
> % gtags
> If you want not to have a copy of /usr/local/XXX then you can make
> a shadow tree of it using symbolic link.
> To do it, following tools are available:
> o lndir in X project.
> o mkshadow in GNU sh-tool.
> o mkshadow in pathconvert package (

Yep, it works. Thanks.

I just have another idea :

% cd /home/gilles/XXX
% mkdir /tmp/YYY
% (cd /usr/local/YYY; gtags /tmp/YYY)
% setenv GTAGSLIBPATH /tmp/YYY
% global something_in_YYY

But if something_in_YYY is found also in /home/gilles/XXX/GTAGS, the
../../../tmp/YYY/... does not appear in the output.

It would be nice to have an option to consider different G* files, and
 use all of them.

Just one another problem. My man pages are broken : (SunOS 5.6)

% man global
Reformatting page.  Wait... done
find the locations of specified object in C, C++, Yacc, Java  and
assembler  source  files.   can  treat  a source tree, that is, a
directory that has subdirectories and source files.  You can  get
the  relative path of objects from anywhere within the tree.  can
locate not only function definitions but also function references
and other symbols.  Duplicate entries are allowed.  In advance of
using this command, you must execute at the root directory of the
source  tree to make tag files.  Then you can execute at anywhere
in the source tree.  The following commands are available:  Print
object  which  match  to  the It can include POSIX 1003.2 regular
expression.  Print candidate  function  names  which  start  with

Julien Gilles.

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