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GSYMS file

From: Vijay, Arjun
Subject: GSYMS file
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 10:52:38 -0600


I would like to know what does GSYMS file contains.

Do you need that file to have search capabilities in your HTML docs.

Coz Everytime I run gtags -v on my source tree, it creates GPATH, GTAGS and GRTAGS but it gives a

"sort.exe: -: write error: Broken pipe" error while creating GSYMS.

Do I really need that file?

I am only interested in HTML version of docs with search capabilities to work.


Arjun Vijay
El-Paso Energy, Room  #W1316
1001, Lousiana St. Houston,TX- 77002.
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