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Hypertext and search not working

From: Iyad Qumei
Subject: Hypertext and search not working
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 13:15:52 -0700

Thanks for the wonderful tool Global, I think it is very userful.
However, I am having a problem, here the description:  The html browsing information does not have hyperlink or search working. 
gtags --version => 4.0.1
when running <gtags -v> GTAGS, GRTAGS, GSYMS are all zero length except for GPATH.  Also, following info appear during running the command:
GRTAG: gctags : no input file scpedified.
                          try gtags --help,
                    [1/62] extracting tags from ./file.cpp
and the message gets repeated. then on to
GSYMS: gctags: invalid option -- s ,
                         try gtags --help,
                   [1/62] extracting tags from ./file.cpp
and message repeats
My .globalrc file includes the following statements:
  :GTAGS = gctags %s:\
  :GRTAGS = gctags -r %s:\
  :GSYMS = gctags -s %s;
AFter checking man on gctags, sure enough the "s" option is not listed any more.  And thought the -r option may not be needed for rtags assuming %s is not a regular expersion becasue of the GTAGS.  Therefore, modified the resource file and omitted both option, no messages were issued, but the original problem stayed the same, not hyperlinks or search available.  Please, help.

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