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Re: help request for the --langmap option

From: Shigio Yamaguchi
Subject: Re: help request for the --langmap option
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 21:13:34 +0900

> I need some help with the new --langmap option.
> I wanted to treat .hpp as .h and I tried to change the common section
> of .globalrc to be:
> common:\
>   :skip=3DSCCS/,RCS/,CVS/,CVSROOT/,.deps/:\
>   :format=3Dstandard:\
>   :suffixes=3Dhpp:\
>   :GTAGS=3Dgctags y -dt %s:\
>   :GRTAGS=3Dgctags --langmap=3Dh\:.hpp -dt %s:\
>   :GSYMS=3Dgctags --langmap=3Dh\:.hpp -dt %s:
> or the section gctags|tag command for GLOBAL:
> gctags|tag command for GLOBAL:\
>   :tc=3Dcommon:\
>   :suffixes=3Dc,h,y,c++,cc,cpp,cxx,hpp,C,H,s,S,java:\
>   :sort_command=3Dsort:\
>   :sed_command=3Dsed:\
>   :GTAGS=3Dgctags y -dt %s:\
>   :GRTAGS=3Dgctags --langmap=3Dh\:.hpp -dtr %s:\
>   :GSYMS=3Dgctags --langmap=3Dh\:.hpp -dts %s:
> I have also tried with --langmap=3Dc\:.hpp in both sections
> but it doesn't work. I mean that in the html file produced
> by gtags: htags: it is not possible to jump to an included
> <file.hpp> as it is for the <file.h>.

I regret to say that the current htags cannot recognize *.hpp as include file.
Future version will recognize them correctly.
Shigio Yamaguchi <address@hidden> - Tama Communications Corporation
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