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Specifying out-of-tree include paths

From: Gerdin Tobias
Subject: Specifying out-of-tree include paths
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 17:48:01 +0100


Thank you for GNU Global.  It's really quite nice.

I have a question:

1) How do I specify out-of-tree include paths in the case of a C++ project?  
Ie, I have files included like

#include "file.h"

which are not reachable recursively from the directory where the project 
sources are kept (which is where I run gtags).

I would expect that there is an option (like the -I flag to a C compiler) to 
specify such directories manually (otherwise these include files, often 
specifying different interfaces, will be unparsed!)


Tobias Gerdin

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