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Re: Indexing c/c++ comments and text files

From: Michael Sullivan
Subject: Re: Indexing c/c++ comments and text files
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 21:55:29 -0400

I only cited id-utils in my first message so that you could see an example 
where another tags system had a capability that appears to be missing natively 
in global.  However, I'm not actually trying to generate an id-utils database 
-- I consider the gtags/global database, tools, and output to be superior.

Instead, I have two different problems that can be potentially solved in 
different ways:

Comments in files parsed by the c/c++ parser (as identified in the langmap) are 
ignored.  I'm wondering if it would be possible to add a command line option to 
not skip the symbols in comments.

Text Files
Text files that potentially contain useful things to search for (e.g. MIB 
files) don't appear to have a parser (as identified in the langmap).  I'm 
wondering if it would be possible to add a text parser that could be used to 
simply index every word in those files.

On 19-Jul-2010, at 9:24 PM, Shigio YAMAGUCHI wrote:

> You can use the functions of id-utils by the -I option of gtags and global.
> Is it insufficient?
>> I would like to instruct global/gtags to index c/c++ comments (and 
>> potentially other text files).  For example, the following c++ comment text 
>> isn't currently indexed by global/gtags, but I would like it to be:
>>   "Some corresponding text 1",
>>   "Some corresponding text 2",
>>   etc.
>> The comment text refers to symbols that are indexed elsewhere and I want a 
>> cross-reference search to return references to the comment lines above.
>> When I used to use id-utils, I was able to achieve this by telling it that 
>> c/c++ files were actually text (e.g. set those extensions up to use the text 
>> parser in id-utils' langmap).  Although I found a langmap setting in the 
>> .globalrc file, it doesn't appear to have a "text" parser.
>> Is there a possibility of adding something like this?

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