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RE: What does "label 'default' not found." mean?

From: Suresh Govindachar
Subject: RE: What does "label 'default' not found." mean?
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2011 19:47:28 -0800

  > [GTAGSROOT and GTAGSDBPATH cannot be specified 
  >  in .globalrc, but must be specified as environment 
  >  variables]
  Thanks;  specifying as environment variables works, but:

  $ env | grep GTAG

  $ cd ct/ray/
  $ global -f src/Main.cpp
  WorkingDir         23 src/Main.cpp     #define WorkingDir  "../files"
  OutFilename        24 src/Main.cpp     #define OutFilename "Volume"

  $ cd
  $ global -f ~/ct/ray/src/Main.cpp
  WorkingDir         23 ct/ray/src/Main.cpp #define WorkingDir  "../files"
  OutFilename        24 ct/ray/src/Main.cpp #define OutFilename "Volume"

  $ global -f src/Main.cpp
  'c/Main.cpp' is out of source tree.
  'c/Main.cpp' not found in GPATH.

  Question:  why doesn't global automatically look for  


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