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Question concerning 'grep'-search of the htags pages

From: GRUBER Florian
Subject: Question concerning 'grep'-search of the htags pages
Date: Mon, 9 May 2011 16:11:21 +0200

Hello, I’ve a Question concerning  ‚grep‘-search of the htags pages:
I’ve installed global-5.9.4 and everything works fine, except the grep-search form the search bar.
I’m running a apache2 http server, the search for symbols, references and definitions works as expected,
If I grep for a function, the Pattern isn’t found.
If I grep from the commandline with global -g –x –e <Pattern> I get the results. Even if I set the QUERY_STRING
environment variable and call the ./HTML/cgi-bin/global.cgi script and from the commandline, the results are displayed as expected.
I assume that something with my apache configuration is wrong, but I’ve no idea what could be wrong – any ideas?
Thx in advance,

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