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Re: global -u : update tags

From: Richard Riley
Subject: Re: global -u : update tags
Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 14:38:20 +0200
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Hell, and thank you for your time.

"Shigio YAMAGUCHI" <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello,
>> Q1) Why does global -u ignore gtags.files? i.e 

^^^^^ This is the most important one. 

Why does global -u not do an incremental tags? I gave an example in my
first post.

| Q1) Why does global -u ignore gtags.files? i.e 
| find . -iname "*.el" > gtags.files
| gtags -f gtags.files
| *fine*
| but ..
| then in an emacs save hook I call "global -u" and it takes about 30
| seconds as it tags ALL files under my cwd. Why is "update" not
| respecting the files already tagged?

Is this understandable?

The main problem is that "global -u" does NOT do an incremental update
for files already tagged using gtags -f gatgs-files. It tags ALL files
in that directory.

The problem is, for example, that I keep certain gnus files in my
.emacs.d. I generate a small GTAGS using "gtags -f gtags.files" BUT when
I save a .el file the onsave for emacs-lisp calls "global -u" which tags
ALL files in .emacs.d. Is this clearer?

> ...
>> Q2) can one only *include* certain wildcard patters via the .globalrc?
> ...
> Sorry but I cannot understand what you are saying.
> Would you please explain it for example?

How do I tell global only to tag *.el and *.org for example from the config 

>> Q3) Global claims to support php, but it wont locate variable
>> declarations. Is this for a reason or a bug?
> The current parser doesn't consider declarations of variables to be
> a definition.  Please try the -s option of global(1).

The emacs extensions doesnt allow selection of a $phpvariable. Have you
tried it? I am talking from within emacs.

>> Suggestion: gtags-find-tag should default to
> Would you please send the suggestion to address@hidden

The most important is part 1)

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