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Help, about gtags running fail.

From: Moritz Qin
Subject: Help, about gtags running fail.
Date: Sun, 11 May 2014 11:58:59 +0800

Hello my friends:

        The gnu global gtags command can't running in my open suse platform.

My system info:
OS: Opensuse 13.1 64bit
CPU: Intel centrino pro
Memory: 2GB

        We try to download source code from office site and compile it. then install it to my system. when we test it , there are some stranger. 

        The gtags command can running in root account. but when we use no-root account running it, that show some error info. It's like follow:

=============================error info===================
address@hidden:~/.emacs.d/global-6.2.12> gtags
gtags: cannot open shared object '/usr/local/lib/gtags/'.

        Actually,  i already check the . the files is not exist. but why the root account can running it perfect?  

Than you .

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