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[Help-glpk] Solving inequations

From: Falk Hueffner
Subject: [Help-glpk] Solving inequations
Date: 28 Sep 2001 12:46:54 +0200
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I'm currently trying to solve a problem with inequations, but I'm from
the area of algorithmic biology, so I don't know much about integer
programming... Perhaps I can use glpk to solve it? The problem is:

I want to find some x_i so that some inequations of the form

c_0 + c_1 x_1 + ... >= 0

hold. Also, all x_i are >= 0 and also have an upper limit. And all
variables are integer, of course.

So there's no optimizing going on actually, I just want to find any
solution. Can this be formulated for glpk?

I tried it by eliminationg variables, but the number of inequations
grows too quickly. I have perhaps 20 x_i and 20 inequations.


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