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[Help-glpk] How to reuse a GlpkSolver in JNI

From: Welson Sun
Subject: [Help-glpk] How to reuse a GlpkSolver in JNI
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 21:34:12 -0700

In the README file of JNI, it is said that:
  All GLPK API functions in "lpx_" namespace are supported. Their respective
  names and declarations are reformatted to fit the Java programming style.
  You get full functionality of GLPK package available for Java program.
  In addition added functionality allowing to disable printouts from
  the GLPK library.
But there are some memory bug in the 4.3 version ( I cannot build 4.4 JNI on Linux) of Glpk JNI package: if I create a lot of GlpkSolver in a loop, it will exit without any notification on Windows( on Linux, it will create a log file and says Java JVM error), but there is no corresponding "lpx_delete_prob" method in the JNI package. So I would like to reuse only one GlpkSolver in the whole loop, but I cannot find the "lpx_del_rows" and "lpx_del_cols" method either.
So has anybody experienced the same kind of errors? And how can I reuse a GlpkSolver in JNI? Or any other ideas?

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