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Re[2]: [Help-glpk] MPS Free format

From: Andrew Makhorin
Subject: Re[2]: [Help-glpk] MPS Free format
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 18:00:20 +0400

>I was referring to the two types of MPS models: fixed format and free
>format. In free format there are no restrictions on the names of the 
>variables etc. GLPSOL supports the fixed format as of now, but I have 
>problems in free format.

Do you mean "free MPS format" introduced in IBM OSL? Or something else?
There are many packages that allow deviations from the standard MPS/360
format (names longer than 8 chars, arbitrary filed positions, etc.).
Glpk supports only the standard MPS/360 format with no deviations. In
my opinion, there is no reason to provide glpk with "free MPS format",
because it is not widely used and because the MPS format itself is
highly inconvenient in all aspects. (I think it would be much better to
develop a GNU low-level format for coding lp/mip models. Not XML-based
one, of course. :+)

Andrew Makhorin

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