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[Help-glpk] [ANNOUNCEMENT] Math::GLPK - the Perl wrapper module for the

From: Retvari Gabor
Subject: [Help-glpk] [ANNOUNCEMENT] Math::GLPK - the Perl wrapper module for the GNU Linear Programming Kit
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 19:11:30 +0200
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Dear GLPK users,

A new bugfix release of Math::GLPK (the Perl module for the GNU Linear 
Programming Kit) is ready for downloading from here:

The new version fixes some minor bugs in Math::GLPK. The new functions in 
version 4.6 of the GLPK API are also made available from Perl scripts. 
Furthermore, numerous bugs were fixed in the accompanying Math::MatrixSparse 
module, so do not forget to upgrade to version 0.03.

Testers, conrtributors, and especially porters are highly appreciated... If 
you have problems or suggestions, please, contact me!

   cheers, gabor

How to install Math::GLPK:

- download all tar archives from

- first, install Math::GLPK::Solve from Math-GLPK-Solve-0.02.tar.gz. All the
  necessary information can be found in the README and INSTALL files in the
  distribution. You must have GLPK version 4.4 or higher installed on your
  system! Currently not tested on architectures other than Debian GNU/Linux.

- install Math::MatrixSparse from Math-MatrixSparse-0.03.tar.gz. This should
  work fine on all architectures supported by Perl. Note that the version of
  Math::MatrixSparse (version 0.01) found on CPAN is NOT suitable for
  Math::GLPK, you need version 0.03!

- install Math::GLPK from Math-GLPK-0.02.tar.gz as usual...

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