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RE: [Help-glpk] Chaining glpk output

From: Roberson, Kelly
Subject: RE: [Help-glpk] Chaining glpk output
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 07:58:43 -0800

What I do in my gui application is execute the GLPK in a gui.  You can
send the results by to a file by doing the following.  Understand, I use
the stand alone solver and use files in LP format.

Glpsol myLPFile.lpt --lpt -o myoutputfile.txt > C:\mystdoutfile.txt

This will put what would have been in stdout into the file

You could then read the file with whatever you are coding the gui with
and add the results to the text box.

If you were using VB it would be something like this.

Dim sInputString as string
Dim sTempString as string
sTempString = ""
Open "C:\mystdoutfile.txt" for input as #1
While not eof(1)
        line input #1, sInputString
        sTempString = sTempString & chr(10)
        sTempString = sTempString & sInputString
Close #1

myTextControl.text = sTempString

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Kelly Roberson
The Boeing Company

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From: Antonio Martino [mailto:address@hidden 
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Subject: [Help-glpk] Chaining glpk output

I am using Glpk in a gui program and I like to get glpk output in a

DO you know how to redirect stdout elsewhere?


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