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[Help-glpk] Changes to the GLPK API?

From: Erik de Castro Lopo
Subject: [Help-glpk] Changes to the GLPK API?
Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 13:44:41 +1000

Hi all,

I had a piece of code that has been working with GLPK quite happily 
for some time. Today I had to make a slight change to my code and
found that it no longer compiles. Here are the error messages:

    calc.c:264: warning: implicit declaration of function `lpx_set_col_coef'
    calc.c:302: warning: implicit declaration of function `lpx_load_mat'

It seems that my system (the Testing verison of Debin GNU/Linux) has
recently upgraded my system from glpk-4.7 to glpk-4.8 and that caused
my code to break. I remember that I had a similar breakage when upgrading 
from glpk-4.6 to glpk-4.7.

By all means, add new functionality to GLPK, but unless its *absolutley*
necesary, I think most users would prefer it if you didn't remove anything.
Backwards compatibilty is a *very* good thing.

I've looked at the referance manual and was unable to find any replacement
for `lpx_set_col_coef'. What should I use in its place?

I've also found lpx_load_matrix, but it is very different from the old
lpx_load_mat and will take considerable hacking followed by a significant
amount of work to verify the correct operation of the program.

For now, I think I will go back to glpk-4.7 and hope that these two 
functions make it back into a version of glpk-4.8 in the near future.

Thanks for listening,
  Erik de Castro Lopo  address@hidden (Yes it's valid)
"The problem with using C++ ... is that there's already a strong
tendency in the language to require you to know everything before
you can do anything." -- Larry Wall

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