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[Help-glpk] MathProg (mod) and LP -> MPS format (Not complete conversion

From: Noli.Sicad
Subject: [Help-glpk] MathProg (mod) and LP -> MPS format (Not complete conversion - No OBJSENSE and OBJNAME)
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 14:55:18 +1000

Hi all,

GLPK and LPSolve does not properly convert (complete conversion) from
MathProg and LP formats to MPS format.

1) MathProg (mod) and LP -> MPS format problem.

Not converting properly, in GLPK is incomplete, no OBJSENSE and OBJNAME.

GLPK routines to mps format could not properly convert MAX problem
(maximize) and MIN problem (minimise).

I think the solution is to have: OBJSENSE and OBJNAME in the mps
routine, not just ROWS and COLUMNS (current one in GLPK). OBJSENSE and
OBJNAME are part of MPS format keywords.

Here are some links to it.



Coin use it.
and has this for glpk

See it yourself, try converting, (.mod or .lp) to mps and compare to the
format mentioned in those first 2 links.

I ask / suggest this to LpSolve yahoo group as well.


Regards, Noli

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