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[Help-glpk] maintenance scheduling

Subject: [Help-glpk] maintenance scheduling
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 21:06:07 +0300

> To model the condition you can introduce a binary variable,
> say, z, like follows:
> var z{w in W, d in D}, binary;
> and then define an additional constraint like follows:
> s.t. foo{w in W, d in D, h in H}: delta[w,d,h] <= z[w,d];
> Note, however, that depending on your model this restriction can be
> modeled in different ways.
Hi Andrew,
First of all let me say that, my problem is some kind of maintenance scheduling 
problem . If it is the case that i define a new variable you've proposed above; 
then "delta" would always be 0 for that day. But the thing i'd like to model is 
not exactly this. For example if the system is shut down in Monday 10 AM it 
should bo off up to Tuesday 10AM. But in the case above it would be off from 
Monday 0 AM, 1 AM,... ,11PM(23).  Can you give any other suggestions?
Thanks for your kind help.

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