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[Help-glpk] Re: Sudoku - can anyone make this work?

From: Andrew Makhorin
Subject: [Help-glpk] Re: Sudoku - can anyone make this work?
Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 00:04:31 +0400

> Thanks to Andrew the small bug in my code has been corrected.
> However, rather than obtaining a solution in 42 seconds I ran glpsol
> for about 2 hours before terminating with no solution. The last few
> lines of output are listed below. What's happening?

> |694000:   objval =  0.000000000e+000   infeas =  1.039103772e+002 (315)
> |694200:   objval =  0.000000000e+000   infeas =  9.525235136e+001 (315)
> |694400:   objval =  0.000000000e+000   infeas =  7.407119664e+001 (315)

This is the output from the dual simplex. It begins if solution of
current subproblem takes more than 5 secs.

Try using the option '--intopt' to enable the mip presolver. It may
reduce the problem size by removing redundant rows and columns.

Andrew Makhorin

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