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[Help-glpk] [RELEASE] Math-GLPK 0.07 - the Perl extension for the GNU Li

From: Gabor Retvari
Subject: [Help-glpk] [RELEASE] Math-GLPK 0.07 - the Perl extension for the GNU Linear Programming Kit
Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 21:59:55 +0200
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Dear GLPK users,

I am glad to announce version 0.07 of Math::GLPK, the Perl wrapper module for
GLPK to solve linear programs with much less pain.

See the project page at

The reason for the quick update to release 0.06 (it is just two days since I 
released 0.06) is that a serious regression was found in Math::GLPK, which 
made the majority of the tests fail on some architectures, most notably, on 
linux-powerpc and Mac OS X (thanks Pierpaolo for the bug report). This 
regression is now fixed, and I thought that it was serious enough to deserve 
a new bugfix release. So here we go. 

It is not worth upgrading if you haven't experienced any problems with 0.06 so 
far. On the other hand, it is a safe bet to upgrade since no functionality 
has changed.

Math::GLPK was extensively tested on various platforms (ia32, amd64 and
powerpc) under Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu. As always, testers, porters and
contributors are highly acknowledged.

Best regards,

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