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RE: [Help-glpk] Database connectivity in MathProg

From: Meketon, Marc
Subject: RE: [Help-glpk] Database connectivity in MathProg
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 14:34:49 -0500

Where do you specify database connectivity?  That is, where to find the
tables?  (type of database, username, password, schema name if needed,
or for CSV files the directory they are located in).

For "real" databases, can a "table" really be a "view"?

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Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] Database connectivity in MathProg


Summarizing our discussion I would like to propose the following

table T IN "string", "string", ... :
   S <- [ I, J, ... ], p ~ P, q ~ Q, ... ;

where 'S <-', '~ P', '~ Q' can be omitted;

table T { domain } OUT "string", "string", ... :
   expr ~ A, expr ~ B, ... ;

where '~ A', '~ B' can be omitted.

I think this syntax is sufficient for most practical cases.

If you find it acceptable, I could start making necessary changes in
the translator.

Best regards,

Andrew Makhorin

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