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[Help-glpk] New in this List / Custom output with Printf

From: Luiz M. M. Bettoni
Subject: [Help-glpk] New in this List / Custom output with Printf
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 20:13:55 -0300
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Hi guys,

I'm a brazilian MsC student (so, sorry for my bad English) from UTFPR University.
First of all, like to say: GLPK + GMPL rules! I'm learning LP/MILP for an big research project. After some research and various tests with commercial and free software solvers, we adopted GLPK to our project.

For now we use only glpsol at command line to develop models - but we are using our custom (incipient for now) build of SciTE to integrate glpsol in an friendly IDE in the WinNT platform. I want to use (and disseminate) this IDE to teach at this campus in future. When it reach a minimum stable status i'll put it on the web (bin and code - with a pre-build glpsol too, if has no objection).

Ok, future is future.
After this self-presentation... yes, i have questions =)

For now, only the crucial: i need to create custom outputs to some models, and i'm using printf to do this. Ok, all right. Vars and params looks fine, but i don't know how to print important info - like the objective value! I've looking at the mail-list archive and found here a negative answer to var/constraints attributes. My questions is: (1) it is true for objective value too? I'm re-processing the objective function after solve to obtain it... And, (2), the answer in the mail list still true today? If no, there are plans to implement access to this attributes in future glpsol versions?

Thanks a lot!
(for this help and, obviously, for GLPK!)

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