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Re: [Help-glpk] Compiling GLPK with VC7 and ODBC support

From: Xypron
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] Compiling GLPK with VC7 and ODBC support
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 19:50:02 +0200
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Andrew Makhorin wrote:
using the files delivered with GLPK-4.28 in /w32 glpk is compiled
without ODBC support.

I suggest to add a config.h file to directory /w32 defining

#define ODBC_DLNAME "odbc32.dll"
/* ODBC shared library name if this feature is enabled */

and to change Makefile_VC6 to use compiler flags:

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 comes with the necessary header
files (sql.h, ...).

Would this mean linking to a static library, which is missing in
older windows-native C/C++ compilers, like VC6 or BC5 ?

ODBC32.DLL is a dynamic link library and supplied with Windows implementing the same standardized interface as iODBC or unixODBC do for Linux. All compilers supported by GLPK (Visual C , Borland C 5.5 and DevC++) can compile GLPK with support for ODBC32.DLL. I did this for GLPK-4.27.

For GLPK-4.28 I have tested compiling with VisualC (Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 professional) under Windows 2000 professional.

Changed sources and executables are available at

As GLPK is not distributed with the GMP and the MySQL libraries I would refrain from requiring these in the makefiles. The files for ODBC are distributed with Windows 2000 ff and the supported compilers. Hence adding ODBC to the makefiles makes sense.

Best regards


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