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Re: [Help-glpk] Why some answers missed

From: Jinyu Xiao
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] Why some answers missed
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 17:07:42 +0400

May be I should just try calling functions in glpk instead of using
gmpl.Thank you very much.And I noticed that you have replyed most of the
asking-for-help posts,you must be a very kind person.^^

Andrew Makhorin wrote:
>> I used a C program to form a gmpl program to solve my problem,for it
>> has a huge number of variables.But some of the answers were missed,for
>> example(I copied a part of the answers)
>>   3851 wx[w1]       B             -2                             
>>   3852 wx[w2]       B             -2                             
>>   3853 wx[w3]       B             -2                             
>>   3854 wx[w4]       B             -2                             
>>   3855 wx[w5]       B             -2                             
>>   3856 wx[w6]       B             -2                             
>>   3857 wx[w14]      B             -2                             
>>   3858 wx[w19]      B             -2                             
>>   3859 wx[w21]      B              0                             
>> In this case,w7-w13 and w15-w18 were missed.How did it happen? And I
>> want to use these answers in another program,so I wonder if the
>> answers had been stored in arrays or anything that I can read
>> directly(not read the answers form a output file)
> Elemental variables wx[w7], wx[8], etc. do not appear in any
> constraint, so the mathprog translator does not generate them.
> From the formal point of view such variables may have any value in
> optimal solution.
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