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Re: [help-glpk] a simple question

From: Andrew Makhorin
Subject: Re: [help-glpk] a simple question
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 19:42:00 +0400

> I am new with glpk and I try to write a program in C++ using glpk.

> But I get the following problem

> I write in the code: (LPX* prob with direction min)

> s = lpx_simplex(prob);
>  if (s != LPX_E_OK)
>  { 
>     std::string name  = "********";

>     lpx_write_mps(prob, (char*)name.c_str());
>     exit(s);
>  }

> and I get an error with 204(Unable to start the search), but the
> mps file can be resolved by glpsol.exe in console.

> I have looked for the reason in the help-glpk archive, but I find
> nothing.

> So I look forward of any help from you. 

> You can find the mps file with this email.

Glp_simplex always starts the search from the current basis provided
in the problem object (if the lp presolver is disabled). If it cannot
start the search, the current basis is invalid due to some (incorrect)
operations performed before the call. You can provide a valid initial
basis with the api routines glp_std_basis, lpx_adv_basis,
or lpx_cpx_basis.

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