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[Help-glpk] Table Statement with Single ValueParameters

From: Michael Bleau
Subject: [Help-glpk] Table Statement with Single ValueParameters
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 13:20:32 -0400



I am fairly new to GLPK so excuse me if this is too obvious.  I am trying to load data into dimensionless (single value) Parameters using a table statement.  I cannot seem to get the syntax right.  For example with:


table data IN "CSV" "./WDOInputData/WDO2InputParms.txt" :

      SHIP_PENALTY ~ ShipPenalty,

      SHIP_LTL_PENALTY ~ ShipLTLPenalty,

      SHIP_SMALL_PENALTY ~ ShipSmallPenalty,

      NON_GD_PENALTY ~ NonGDPenalty,

      DC_OFF_MID_PENALTY ~ DCOffMidPenalty,

      DC_CUBE_OVER_HIGH_PENALTY ~ DCCubeOverHighPenalty,

      DC_CUBE_UNDER_LOW_PENALTY ~ DCCubeUnderLowPenalty,

      DC_CUBE_OVER_PEAK_PENALTY ~ DCCubeOverpeakPenalty;


I get the following message:


Reading model section from WDOFormulation.mod...

WDOFormulation.mod:104: SHIP_PENALTY not a set

Context: ...IN_REGION_PENALTY ; table data IN '...' '...' : SHIP_PENALTY


Thanks for any ideas ...





(GLPK 4.29, Microsoft Vista, Compiled with VisualStudio C++)

Michael Bleau
Michael Bleau & AssociƩs
Tel:  514 247-2944 

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