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[Help-glpk] Transport model by code

From: Jose Monreal
Subject: [Help-glpk] Transport model by code
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 23:19:45 -0400

Hey everyone, I've been playing with GLPK this few days.
Im trying to pass data to glpk but not from a file, I've been using de Reference Manual 4.10 to guide me.
The problem is that I need to model a transport problem, what I did was to create 3 arrays like the manual says.
What I did was to make a program that would read the model and data from files, and after resolving the problem, I used lpx_print_prob() so I would compare the problem with the one passed by parameters and not reading any file.

I succed in part of it. The parameter I goes from 1 to 4, J goes from 1 to 32, d is a matrix of 4 x 32 ints.
When the program its executed and lpx_print_prob executed, I only get part of the file like the one it was supposed to be.
Instead of arrays of 128 ints, it seems i need them of 384 ints, but I do not know with what data fill the rest.

I made an experiment adding a coordinate that wasnt in the matrix a[1,33] and give him the value of 1.0
and I got that another parameter was printed in the file, so that gives me the idea that I need to keep filling the array with data
but I dont know where to get more data.

I do not if you guys understan my problem?

Thank you,

José I. Monreal Bailey

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