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[Help-glpk] glpkmex interface for free platform

From: Сергей Соловьев
Subject: [Help-glpk] glpkmex interface for free platform
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2008 02:02:47 +0300

Help glpk team,

First of all, sorry if this email is useless for you.
I was thinking about a GLPKMEX likely interface for GLPK standalone solver, i.e.

% [xopt, fmin, status, extra] = glpk (c, a, b, lb, ub, ctype, vartype,
% sense, param)
% Solve an LP/MILP problem using the GNU GLPK library. Given three
% arguments, glpk solves the following standard LP:
% min C'*x subject to A*x  <= b
% but may also solve problems of the form
% [ min | max ] C'*x
% subject to
%   A*x [ "=" | "<=" | ">=" ] b
%   x >= LB
%   x <= UB

But for freely distributed MATLAB like platforms SCILAB or OCTAVE.

For example to create a function (e.g. glpk.sci for SCILAB) which will be 
accepting inputs like above and doing the next things:

1.      Write input arguments (c, a, b, lb, ub, ctype, vartype, sense, param) 
into some temporary file in applicable for glpsol.exe format.
2.      Execute glpsol.exe with the just created data-file by using some 
function to work with the shell (like 'unix_g' in SCILAB )
3.      Read an output of the glpsol.exe and transform it into [xopt, fmin, 
status, extra]. Then delete temporary files and return [xopt, fmin, status, 
extra] to the up.

I think this way could be more user friendly than using glpsol.exe from the 
command prompt as it.

Sergey Solovyev 

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