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[Help-glpk] Re: GLPK Query

From: Andrew Makhorin
Subject: [Help-glpk] Re: GLPK Query
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 17:34:49 +0300

> I just had a query regarding the Windows  release of GLPK.

> I am having difficulty accessing an ODBC and receive the
> following error:
>                  #8220;unable to open library
>                 Can #8217;t open the module #8221;
> I have read the documentation and it has a note when using
> windows ODBC that the following should be included in the config.h:

> #define ODBC_DLNAME
> "odbc32.dll"

> How is this operation completed without recompiling or do I require a
> different release? I have checked my code using CSV formats which
> function perfectly but I would really appreciate getting it working with
> a ODBC.

> Any suggestions?

The solution depends on the compiler you are using.

If you are using MS Visual Studio 2008 (VC 9.0), you can build glpk
running Build_GLPK_with_VC9.bat or Build_GLPK_with_VC9_DLL.bat (see the
directory 'w32'); both corresponding makefiles define odbc32.dll by
default. Make sure you have glpk 4.34 or 4.35.

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