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[Help-glpk] GLPK re-endrant

From: Antonello Lobianco
Subject: [Help-glpk] GLPK re-endrant
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 16:54:03 +0200

Hello.. I am still in look for a re-endrant version of glpk..
With the Google help I found:

"Probably I have been misunderstood. Multitasking does not assume
reenterability and vice versa, so even if glpk routines were reentrant
(which they will in the next release), this would not involve
parallelizing the branch-and-bound. Reenterability simply means that
the code does not modify static data like reusability means that the
code does not modify itself. In principle, any code can be easily made
reentrant by using appropriate programming technique, i.e.
reenterability is a property of the code, not of the algorithm.

Andrew Makhorin"


I am little confused, as Iast year I asked the same thing and I got answered that "non-reentrancy is only due to the LIBENV
structure (see glplib.h), which is shared among more problems."

I tried to have a look at the code even if I'm not a programmer.. on glplib02.c there is:

 static void *tls = NULL;
/* in a re-entrant version of the package this variable must be placed
   in the Thread Local Storage (TLS) */

Of course I don't understand anything of it, but with the help of Wikipedia I read that, at least in GNU/C++ you have to use the keyword "__thread" ... so.. don't tell me that it is enought to have it like:  "static __thread void *tls = NULL; " to have glpk re-endrant ?? Or it is already re-endrant (it would be fantastic ;-) ) ??


Antonello Lobianco
antonello a.t

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