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[Help-glpk] What is a vanishing variable?

From: Joey Rios
Subject: [Help-glpk] What is a vanishing variable?
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 12:35:54 -0700

This isn't a GLPK-specific question, but this seems like a good place to ask this question.

I am reading a journal article from the 60's.  The author mentions "non-vanishing variables."  With the context, it seems like this might be a term for "non-zero valued variables" but I am just guessing.  Is there a formal definition of a 'vanishing variable' that anyone has heard of?  Maybe it's a linear algebra term?  Couldn't find a good definition/use via google.

Here is the sentence where the term is first used:

"Let T be a given basic feasible solution of (3) and denote by N--the number
of not vanishing t_i in T; V_y--the number of vanishing y_i in T..."

In the LP described by (3), t's and y's are the decision variables, all >= 0.

Thanks in advance...


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