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[Help-glpk] Re: Switching Indexes within an expression (Inline)

From: Thilo Bohr
Subject: [Help-glpk] Re: Switching Indexes within an expression (Inline)
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 20:49:22 +0000 (UTC)
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xypron schrieb:
> Hello Thilo,
> Thilo Bohr wrote:
>> Given are the following Parameter:
>> param x {b in B, a in A, c in C};
>> param y {b in B, a in A, c in C};
>> param z {b in B, a in A, c in C} :
>>    (x[b, a, c] + y[b, a, c]);
>> param result {a in A, b in B, c in C} : z[a, b, c];
>> As you can see, the result has the Indexes a and b switched.
>> Is there a construct that allows me define the result Parameter without 
>> the need of the z Parameter?
>> I.e. is it possible to switch the indexes a und b "inline" (i.e. within 
>> the expression)?
>> The following does not work:
>> param result {a in A, b in B, c in C} :
>>    (x[b, a, c] + y[b, a, c])[a, b, c];
> Your statements concerning z are only valid, if A = B.
> For the correct syntax without z see r2 in example below.
> For a correct transposition look at r3.


Thank you for your detailed answer, Xypron.

The solution does not yet exactly meet my requirements. I will try to describe
these more precisely.

What I am aiming for is a way to reassign the indexes of an expression that is
part of a given parameter definition that I can not modify as whole but just the
expression within the definition.

For example, if the following parameter definition is given:

param result {a1 in A, a2 in A} :
    v[a1, a2] * (x[a2, a1] + y[a2, a1]);

I only am able to replace the expression

(x[a2, a1] + y[a1, a2])

with something (that could look like "(x[a2, a1] + y[a1, a2])[a1,a2]").

Particularly it is not possible to add another parameter definition (which could
be referenced instead of the expression) before this parameter definition. 
(The reason for this constraint is the process that generates the parameter
definitions of my model.)

So this replacement I am looking for could by called an amalgam of an inline
parameter definition and a parameter reference.

Do you - does anybody - see a solution to this requirement?

Kind regards,

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