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[Help-glpk] Re: I need help in fixing for GUSEK

From: Luiz M. M. Bettoni
Subject: [Help-glpk] Re: I need help in fixing for GUSEK
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 16:13:29 -0200
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Hi, Noli.

First a question: are you using Phyton resources added on latest Gusek version? It was useful?

Second, i've made some changes in your file to work here (see attached file). You will need to replace SciTEGlobal properties too. You can test it and give some feedback to help decide if it can be added to Gusek.

Note that "wgnuplot" can generate graphics from scite "go" command, but doesn't flush any text output, so we need to use "gnuplot" to debug files (see compile and go commands under When debugging, at every "pause" command you will need focus on the output panel and hit "enter" key.

To add another support language to SciTE there was 2 ways:
1. Use some lexer as basis and make a language file (likely easy, like I did using sql lexer to implement gnuplot). Obviously, you'll restricted to use only resources from the base lexer. 2. Build your own lexer and language file, rebuilding scite and scintilla (your sample file presume a gnuplot lexer). Buid a lexer isn't simple like build a ".properties" file, see if you need more information.


At 21-12-2009 12:04, Noli Sicad wrote:
Hi Luiz,

I started putting up "" for GUSEK. SciTE doesn't
have yet gnuplot support. I started asking the help-list and googling,
nothing turn out. I decided to make one, but I have
difficulties doing this.

  I wanted to run gnuplot inside GUSEK so I can interactive graphing
with my LP results.

Would it be possible to help me fix this "gnuplot.propeties" for GUSEK
so it will be running?
I really like the format (font, color ,etc,)of for
GUSEK. Probably you do same format for We can put
this support in GUSEK. I think it is useful.

I am attaching the file, gnuplot.propeties.

Thanks again.

Regards, Noli

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