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Re: FW: [Help-glpk] bigmul in glblib05.c

From: Andrew Makhorin
Subject: Re: FW: [Help-glpk] bigmul in glblib05.c
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 21:15:45 +0300

> Run-Time Check Failure #1 - A cast to a smaller data type has
> caused a loss of data. If this was intentional, you should mask
> the source of the cast with the appropriate bitmask.  For
> example:
> char c = (i & 0xFF);

This advice is helpful for quiche eaters only :)

> Because MSVS 2008 would issue warning for such a conversion, the bigmul
> is modified as

>       union {
>          unsigned int uint;
>          struct { unsigned short ush1, ush2 ;} ush;
>       } tuiush;
> [...]
>                x[i+j] = (unsigned short)tuiush.ush.ush1;

What about endiannes? For example, Don Knuth's MMIX is little-endian.

> Similar modification is applied to xldiv in glplib06.c.
> The modified code can converge to the solution 13.75 of vpm2.mps of
> MIPLIB2003.

Hmm... xlmul/xldiv are not used by the glpk mip solver.

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