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[Help-glpk] spx_simplex: problem has no rows/columns

From: Sana Jawad
Subject: [Help-glpk] spx_simplex: problem has no rows/columns
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 19:04:07 -0800

I am trying to call a model written in MathProg using GLPK in java. My code is as follows:

GlpkSolver solver =

new GlpkSolver();








 And I get the following output:

Reading model section from C:/Models/skedx.mod...

C:/Models/skedx.mod:107: warning: data section ignored

107 lines were read

Reading data section from C:/Models/skedx.txt...

C:/Models/skedx.txt:93: warning: final NL missing before end of file

93 lines were read

Generating maxshift...

Generating mb...

Generating mb1...

Generating mb2...

Generating mb3...

Generating costCalc...

Generating TotalCost...

Generating temp2...

Generating temp3...

Generating obj...

Model has been successfully generated

lpx_write_prob: writing problem data to `C:/Models/probData.txt'...

spx_simplex: problem has no rows/columns

lpx_print_sol: writing LP problem solution to `C:/Models/res.txt'...

The probData and res.txt files have no data in them. However when I run this model from gusek or lpsolve i get a proper result.

Can anyone please tell what could be the issue here. Thanx in advance.
Best Regards,

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