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Re: [Help-glpk] Out in the prompt

From: glpk xypron
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] Out in the prompt
Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 07:19:25 +0200

Hello Fabio,

please, find appended an excerpt of doc/glpk.pdf of the source
distribution, chapter 2.9.5.

Best regards


Terminal output
Solving a MIP problem may take a long time, so the solver reports some
information about best known solutions, which is sent to the terminal. This
information has the following format:
+nnn: mip = xxx <rho> yyy gap (ppp; qqq)
where: ‘nnn’ is the simplex iteration number; ‘xxx’ is a value of the objective
function for the best known integer feasible solution (if no integer feasible
solution has been found yet, ‘xxx’ is the text ‘not found yet’); ‘rho’ is the
string ‘>=’ (in case of minimization) or ‘<=’ (in case of maximization); ‘yyy’
is a global bound for exact integer optimum (i.e. the exact integer optimum
is always in the range from ‘xxx’ to ‘yyy’); ‘gap’ is the relative mip gap,
in percents, computed as gap = |xxx − yyy|/(|xxx| + DBL EPSILON) · 100%
(if gap is greater than 999.9%, it is not printed); ‘ppp’ is the number of
subproblems in the active list, ‘qqq’ is the number of subproblems which
have been already fathomed and therefore removed from the branch-andbound
search tree.

-------- Original-Nachricht --------
> Datum: Tue, 25 May 2010 18:51:34 -0300
> Betreff: [Help-glpk] Out in the prompt

> Hi!
> What means  "+ 31229" and  "(70; 68)" in  "+ 31229: mip =     not found
> yet
> >=  0.000000000e+000        (70; 68) " ?
> Because I execute a problem in glpsol and this is the out in the prompt,
> but
> I don't understand.
> Thanks,
> Fabio Araujo.

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