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RE: HA: [Help-glpk] transportation problem

From: Нестеренко Геннадий Витальевич
Subject: RE: HA: [Help-glpk] transportation problem
Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 16:36:43 +0400

Hi, Andrew!
Hi, all!

> > Would you tell me pls, is it possible to use command "printf" if I
> > run glpsol.exe with switch --mincost? I use exe-file made by Xypron
> > (10x to him).
> If you mean mathprog model, the answer is no.
> The --mincost option is like --mps, i.e. it specifies the type of
> input file (which must be dimacs mincost data file), not the problem
> class neither solver to be used.

Advise me pls how can I use glpk to solve minimal cost flow problem. Is it 
possible to do that by means of stand-alone application? Can I get calculation 
results (optimal values of primal variables) in this case?

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