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[Help-glpk] Re:

From: Harley Mackenzie
Subject: [Help-glpk] Re:
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 16:53:01 +1000
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Thanks for the comments - I will try it out. There are quite a few more examples to come so any help with the formulations is greatly appreciated.

One problem I had with the data section for an example that I havent yet added is that I couldnt work out the correct way to implement a param data structure to read in the following data. The only way I could get it going was to use an external CSV file.

For parameters defined as:

  set UNITS;
  param no_bands;
  set BANDS := 1..no_bands;
  set UNITBANDS dimen 2;
  param offerprice {UNITS, BANDS};
  param offeravail {UNITS, BANDS};
  param reg_offerprice {UNITS, BANDS};
  param reg_offeravail {UNITS, BANDS};

table data IN "CSV" "energy_regulation_offers.csv": UNITBANDS <- [unit,band], offerprice ~ energyprice, offeravail ~ energyavail, reg_offerprice ~ regprice, reg_offeravail ~ regavail;

The data section had:

  param no_bands := 5;

  param : UNITS :   capacity   reg_capacity  :=
           1         10         5
           2         10         5
           3         10         5
           4         10         5
           5         10         5
           6         10         5
           7         10         5
           8         10         5
           9         10         5
          10         10         5

where the external data was in a csv file [energy_regulation_offers.csv]:


I couldnt find any combination of param data structure that could define the same data without using the CSV file. Do you have any idea what the param data structure should look like, as I would like to include all of the model and data in the one file for the wiki example?



On 6/07/10 3:41 PM, address@hidden wrote:
Hello Harley,

thank you for the examples added.

See comment on

Best regards

Heinrich Schuchardt (Xypron)

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